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January 2018

If you’ve thought about buying – or selling – a large land parcel, who would you call? Wait!  First consider this: If you were ready to buy your favorite new car today, i.e. a Ford, would you go first to WalMart, Auto Zone, Acme Auto Sales, or the FORD DEALER?

Assuming your answer was the Ford Dealer, why would you go there first? ANSWER: Because that’s where they sell new Fords!  What more, they have a large inventory from which to choose – many colors, features, models, etc.  In short – Ford dealers specialize in Fords!


So . . .  back to buying/selling a large land parcel. Would you go to a real estate company that sells mostly houses, or small lots?  


OR - would it simplify either buying or selling a LARGE land parcel if you first called a real estate broker who only specializes in LARGE land parcels.


That would be a broker who DOES NOT sell homes, lots, shopping centers, or apartment houses.  Doesn’t it make sense to call a broker with a large inventory of ONLY land – in different sizes, locations, and offering different features and amenities?


That would be broker Paul Breden, owner of Mountain Land Company. Paul offers Land, and ONLY land – and has served land buyers and sellers for over 48 years.  Think he might know a little about land?  FIND OUT – call Paul today

Call Paul: 828-263-2340 or Email Paul:

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