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Fall 2019 

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Spin . . . Spin . . . Spin . . . Spin around! 

In the words of Jim Croce, does the current state of the stock market have your head . . . and your investments . . . “spinning around”?


Regardless of your politics, there seems to be an overabundance of uncertainty these days, both in our political world – and our financial planning.  Where to go from here?


There is but one financial investment that can 1) be occupied, 2) be held long-term, 3) be given away, 4) be rented, 5) be bequeathed, 6) be used as collateral, and 7) be sold for its present market value.  


That investment is land – and only land.


It is also the only investment that brings great joy to a family, offers total peace & quiet, provides inspirational dawns and sunsets, forest hikes on nature's trails, and is a family magnet that draws its members closer than ever imagined.


If you’d like to explore the benefits of owning a large land parcel – both personally and financially (and don’t want to fight off an aggressive “sales pitch”), call “Land’s Best Friend” – Paul Breden.  He is the one individual here in the mountains with 49 years of knowledge and experience, not to mention living on and experiencing the joys of life on his own 384 acre “Ghost Valley Farms” homestead.

Paul lives the dream every day. You'll be pleased with his open approach to sharing the details of land ownership. Best of all, you can reach Paul most anytime direct at 828-263-2340 or send him an Email - he answers his Emails from 7:00 AM - 10:00 PM every day of his life!  Contact him today and ask for your FREE copy of his "Carolina Dreaming" Land Buyer's Manual! Don't hesitate - do it NOW!

Call Paul: 828-263-2340 or Email Paul:

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