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So . . . have you ever been late . . . late for a meeting . . . for a doctor’s appointment . . . for an important lunch date? If so, you may have been slightly embarrassed, frustrated or just plain irritated. It can happen to anyone - sometimes circumstances are just out of our control.  After all, no one wants to feels like they’ve “missed the boat” on something important.


My point?  At some time, in the last three years, you contacted us about buying mountain land.  You took the time to call, Email or visit properties and, at the time, we also provided details and brochures on numerous properties in our inventory.


During the decade, there have been striking changes in mountain land.  Asking prices for land began rising in 2007, and peaked in the summer of 2009 at all time highs.  


Those prices were totally unrealistic, and caused land buyers to re-think their plans – sending the land market into a tailspin.


In the past 6-12 months, we have seen land prices bottom-out –returning to pre-2007 price levels.  In the past 90 days, we’ve also seen the effect those lower prices have on land buyers.  Calls and showings have increased on those properties priced below the market.


If you still plan a purchase – be advised that those who show up late are going to miss the best opportunity in almost 10 years to own mountain land at very favorable prices. The good news is - with a large inventory of properties - you don’t have to feel like you’ve “missed the boat” on a great opportunity to own mountain land.

Call Paul: 828-263-2340 or Email Paul:

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