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Buying Land . . . 

Know the right questions when buying land!

  1. Does the property combine most of the features that I envisioned?

  2. Are features & location desirable to other potential buyers should I need to sell?

  3. Is the approach to the property neat and free of unsightly homes or unkept farming operations?

  4. What type of access exists to the property?

  5. How does the land lay, and are there suitable building sites?

  6. Are there any water features present?

  7. Are there any logging roads, hiking, ATV, or horse trails present?

  8. What utilities are available to the property?

  9. Has the property been inspected for a septic permit? 

  10. Is the property all wooded, open, or is there mixed ground cover?

  11. Has the property been surveyed since the last sale?

  12. What type of neighbors and land surround the property?

  13. When was the timber last cut, and what type of timber is on the property?

  14. Have any property rights or easements been conveyed to anyone?

  15. What was the past use of the property, and are there any environmental concerns?

  16. What is the zoning, and are there any covenants or restrictions on the property?

  17. What are the property taxes, and is the property in the “Present-Use Value Program”?

  18. Are there any homes or outbuildings present?

  19. Any planned or proposed surrounding activities that would negatively impact the property?

  20. Where is the nearest livestock farming operation in relation to the property?

Above are some of the top questions for land buyers that you need to be familiar with next time you buy land as an investment. Knowing the answer to these questions may help you identify quality investment properties, while avoiding less desirable ones. 

Now that you are familiar with the top questions on how to buy land, explore our land listings today!

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